Group members

We are a friendly group of post-docs, students, visitors and support staff from across the world and with a variety of backgrounds, based in modern labs close to the historic centre of Oxford.

Current group members

Lab Christmas dinner (Dec 2017)
Lab away day (Sept 2017)


If you are interested in joining us please contact Conrad to explain your interest in our research and to discuss possible projects and funding opportunities.

Funded post-doctoral positions will be advertised at and on the Earlham Institute Vacancies page web page.

Potential applicants are encouraged to e-mail Conrad outlining the research that they are interested in undertaking and how it fits within our research interests.

Previous group members

Reunion of 2008-09 lab members in Oxford (2017).
The group in 2015 outside the Dunn School.
Helping organise the British Yeast Group meeting (2013).
The group in 2011.